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Health and Nutritional Support

Nutritional support for your animal is vital to his health and longevity.  Choosing high-quality foods without chemicals or preservatives will support your animal's nutrition and extend his lifespan.  you may want to add supplements as he gets older or when his health is compromised.
periodic cleansing is beneficial and detoxifying the body as well.   Use of therapeutic quality essential oils is very beneficial and can support physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your pet's being, bringing him back to a balanced way of being.
When your animal has the proper nutrional balance you will likely reduce the number of vet visits and as your animal ages you will reap the benefits of all of the years of support you have provided your best friend, by extending his life and providing a higher quality of life.  Isn't this what you wish for yourself and your animal?

The mission of Dynamite is to improve the lives of all living creatures, extending from people and horses to dogs, cats, ferrets, alpacas, birds, zoo animals as well as plants and crops. The cornerstone of Dynamite's success has been and always will be quality. Dynamite's manufacturing process is done with careful detail to ensure each finished product meets the Dynamite standard. Because of this, Dynamite guarantees the quality of their products 100 percent.