Essential Oils - Their Uses and Benefits

Essential oils are the life force or essence of a plant.  These oils were used centuries ago for their healing properties and many are referred to in the Bible having been used for healing, cleansing, beauty and preserviing the body.
These marvelous precious oils have been rediscoverd and through modern technical methods of testing, have been found to elevate a person's or animal's vibrational frequency.  When using essential oils during an energy session, the treatment is much more effective allowing for deeper energy releases and a faster balance of the system allowing for healing to occur.  
As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist I must rely on therapeutic oils that have all of the components, nothing added or removed, that help our bodies to heal whether it is from emotional or physical trauma, or spiritual reconnection,   This is why I use Young Living Essential oils in my practice which are alway pure and are of the highest standard.  Each batch is tested by gas chromatography mass spectometry methods to ensure purity.  
Check out my Young Living Essential Oils website where you can order oils for yourself, your family and your animals.  Contact me for specific recommendations on how get the most for your money and best ways to use essential oils and oil-enhanced or 757-636-3636.

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"little bottles of God"
Dr. Wayne Dyer, June, 2013